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LizBeth Williams




My story begins in the beautiful Virgin Islands of St. Croix, a vacation spot to many, but a home of many wonderful memories for me.  Growing up in St. Croix, my mother recalls that at a very early age I connected to the fruitful spirit of our island culture and community.  As a small child, I remember watching “Papi” (my granddad) pick homegrown breadfruit, coconut, mango and avocado from the trees in our backyard.  I became fascinated with the idea of sharing our fruit and vegetables with everyone in the community and would set up a stand in our front yard to sell it. Papi would always say that I was a tough little business lady, but one who loved to connect with people in my own special way.

Selling fruit and vegetables as a small child was amazingly a foreshadow of things to come. You see, entrepreneurship was engrained in me at an early age as it was for many of my family members.  It was not unusual for me to learn a craft but also instinctively think about how I could turn it into a business. 
Growing up I sold books, bathroom décor, hairbows… you name it! Throughout my journey, I’ve always known that I wanted to create something that would allow me to share with others the entrepreneurial experiences I had growing up in St. Croix.  In the words of my mother, “you’ve always exemplified persistence, drive and a passion for entrepreneurship!”  And that
same spirit continues to thrive in me today.