The Purple Coconut Co
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Passion Meets Purpose


My husband and I love to travel throughout the year in and off season.   As we were recently planning an off-season Caribbean vacation, I found myself searching multiple stores and websites looking for vacation items to travel with.  I was shopping for shorts and swimsuit covers up in the cold winter months but unable to find them or many other off-season items that I needed.  I also recognized that many people run into this same issue, and it was in this moment that the vision for The Purple Coconut Co. came to be. 

The Purple Coconut Co. is the embodiment of my dreams and aspirations thoughtfully woven together through the details of the items I bring to you. Each piece has been selected with the utmost care and mindful of how you will experience it. As we embark upon this new journey, we are sincerely grateful for your support and patronage of The Purple Coconut Company, and look forward to being a part of your greatest travel memories.  

Enjoy your shopping experience and we look forward to becoming your favorite online travel boutique destination of choice! 

With love,Lizbeth


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